Organise an outdoor treasure hunt for children to encourage them to work as a group, follow directions and develop their problem solving and reasoning skills. They are always great fun and children are very enthusiastic to participate and find the treasure!

Things that you will need:

  • Some small inexpensive treasures like plastic rings, necklaces, coins etc. (you can find treasure packs in any party store)
  • A treasure box that has been decorated by the children
  • Paper for clues for the children to follow

Preparing for the treasure hunt:

The treasure must be hidden or buried.

Create a series of clues for the children to follow that ultimately leads them to the treasure. For example: “Start at the big tree by the garden shed. Look around the tree for your next clue…” At the bottom of the tree will be their next clue that leads the children to a new place.

When the children finally find the hidden treasure they can take turns to share it.